Thursday, June 24, 2010

One Flower Wednesday...One Day Late!

Well, my hexagons are finally taking shape!  I'm a procrastinator, I must admit!  It's taken me a while to get going on these little sweeties!!  I got myself into a rut with regards to choosing the right fabric....decison-making was never my strongest suit!  Even as a kid, I could never choose between all those luscious ice-cream flavours when my parents took us on Sunday outings!  Now,  I still find it hard to decide on the little things, like fabric for projects!!!!    Anyway, I wanted to go with blues and reds with a yellow centre, but  didn't have sufficient amounts of the yellow.  So, I chose two different fabrics in the same tones, which I hope will compliment each other.  This is the first:

I really became engrossed with these hexies!!!!  One quickly turned into two, two into three and I guess you know the rest!!!

I'm using my Civil War reproductions that I have left over from piecing my Dear Jane quilt.  I have a soft spot for these repros...they're so compatible with everything!  I'm also using them for my Klojses, which has also been keeping me busy!

I discovered these Clover templates a while ago...they're fantastic for drawing the hexi-shapes onto the fabric.  I use a  .05 Pigma pen for tracing.  I'm also hand-piecing my hexies, as the English Paper Piecing method is a bit too hard on my wrists (rheumatoid arthritis).  I've previously pieced an octagon quilt top via the EPP method, but I've  since moved on to good old "American Piecing"!!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Mary Ann


Aunt 'Reen said...

I love the fabrics you've chosen for your hexagon flowers!
I too am a dweller of decisions when it comes to picking fabrics for my projects. I've always been told that things are most appreciated when a lot of thought goes into it. ;)

Quiltnbee said...

Love these, Mary Ann! I made a hex wall quilt years ago, totally by's hanging in my living room. That was awhile ago, DD was 9, she made one of the flowers, now she is 26.5...I have thought of making another at some point...but you know how that goes =-) Leaving for NY on Thursday night next week...can't wait! And I'm taking my computer so I'll not be incommunicado this summer/fall-- yay! Debby

Sandra Henderson said...

You are just like me!!! :) Honey, I was runnin around tryin to finsh... You should have seen me! and I missed the last two weeks! Had no excuse! I think the whole thing should be FUN! I mean, it's our HOBBIE! right? What good is a quilt that you don't enjoy?!!!?
I LOVE your flowers! So gorgeous! I also do my hexies this way!!! I purchased, about 2 years ago, a template like this from Judie Rothermel that is metal and has a skid proof bottom. I like this way, it works for m.
Come on over and enter to win a signed copy of CITY QUILTS!!!! If you would like... XO

Cathi said...

Your flowers are looking beautiful. I'm also stitching my hexagons with a simple running stitch -- much easier.

ria vogelzang said...

Lovely flowers! I just saw your name on my followerslist...... Sorry for the late reaction!
My flower-top is almost ready I quess, because she measures a bit more than 1,5 mtr in all. So it is better to ad borders next.
Enjoy your flowers!

Anne-Mette said...

Mary Ann, your flowers are all cute and I like your choise of colours and fabrics a lot. Beautiful.
Have fun growing your lovely garden.

Theresa said...

I sympathise with the decision making traumas - I have exactly the same problem! You definitely made some fine decisions though - your flowers are gorgeous :D I'm sewing my hexies with a running stitch as well and having great fun.

Paula said...

Mary Ann your flowers are really great, I do like your fabric, specially the yellow one in the middle, it is so warm, and goes well with the red and blue. I think your choice is very good.
Take care :)

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers!! I love the yellow centers. Great templates, I will watch for them in my travels.

Raewyn said...

I Love your flowers and your hexies, Mary Ann. I know what you mean about procrastination and decision making... even though I have chosen my fabrics for my hexies, I still agonise over wha each individual flower will look like!! Never mind, I guess it's all part of the enjoyment process!