Saturday, June 12, 2010

Klosje Zaterdag!!!

I've thoroughly been enjoying my Klosjes!!!  I decided to make them totally out of my scrap-basket and I'm now up to 21 of the little lovelies!


I recently ordered a stamp set by Cindy Blackberg to make my Klosje-work a bit quicker!!  Cindy's blocks finish at 2 and 3/4 inches and quickly fill your fabric with easy to cut lines.

I ordered my stamp kit from Tina at Pappy's Quilt Place, as she ships internationally.  Thanks, Tina, for your friendly and quick service!
On second thought, I think I'm going to make two Klosje quilts!!  One from my regular scrap-basket and another with left-over Civil War reproduction fabrics from my Dear Jane quilt.

Have a nice Zaterdag evening!!

Mary Ann  


Angela said...

I bought those stamps, and just today was looking thru my CW repros to get started stamping, hopefully this weekend! Love seeing your progress!

Anonymous said...

Hej Mary-Ann,

thank you for visiting my klosjesblog, so that I could find yours! I love your klosjes and WOW! you have goals in life: 2 klosjesquilts..

Thank you for the tip on the rubber stamp, could you please tell me the measurement of the square?

I'll be following your blog now - till next week zaterdag!

Sue said...

Love your Klosjes. I am also using Cindys stamping kit. Cindy kindly gave me mine as a gift when I visited in Tennessee this year. She does lots of other stamps as well. I have two more from her to try but at the minute I am hooked on Klosjes.
Regards Sue

Sandra Henderson said...

I am so glad that I found your lovely blog!~If I were doing klosjes, I'd surely buy this neat stamp! I see from Sue that she makes others.... YEs, I'd also like the inofrmation. thank you! I am putting you on my page so that I can see when you make a new post and keep up with you better! XO

Aunt 'Reen said...

Mary Ann,

Your Klosjes look wonderful!
I've been thinking about making some of these wonderful Klosjes for a short while now. I LOVE your idea to use up the scraps from your dear jane to make a quilt from these!
You've inspired me to go ahead & order the stamps and get started. (thanks for the link for that too)


Lynda said...

The stamps are a fabulous idea - haven't heard of them before.

Knot Garden said...

These are really lovely. The fabrics are beautiful. Will make a wonderful quilt!

quilting Jeannet said...

What a great idea from your stamps, I wil also have a rubber stamp!

greetings, Jeannet

Yvette said...

OOOH! This is what I was looking to see. I was wondering how these stamps work. Thanks!