Saturday, October 30, 2010

Class on Japanese Orinuno Quilting...

 In my last post, I wrote about our introduction to the exciting art of Orinuno Quilting from Lisbet Borggren.  Here we all are, very much engrossed in Lisbet's instructions on how to construct our cardboard templates with a compass!  

 Tying our gathered fabric circles around the templates.  The more fingers here, the better!!

 In the middle of the circles, you place your piece of batting and fabric, cut from a square template, and fold\iron the curved edges over.  If you've done it right, all the corners should be nice and even!!   Then, you quilt around the edges.

Here's the back side of some of our first blocks!

And the front sides, too!!  So interesting how they can be so different!

And here's Lisbet's own sample of a table-cloth she constructed using circle templates combined with triangles instead of the squares we used.  Lots of different variations on this technique!  Feel free to check out my Picasa album for more pics from Lisbet's course.

If you're interested in trying this form of quilting, these two books by Sachiyo Muraki are really great.  They're written in Japanese, but the pictures and measurements are quite clear!

Enjoy your Saturday evening!!

All the best!
Mary Ann

Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Been A While.....

.....since I've posted on my blog!  I was in Canada for almost three months and have just recently returned home to Denmark.  It's  been taking a while to get back to my daily routine, but things are gradually returning to normal!  I'm missing our little grandchildren very, very much, as well as all our family and friends, but we've already begun to make plans for an up-coming trip next year!

I visited a few quilt shops while in Canada, all in BC where I'm originally from, and will post a little "Shop Hop" for you all to check out!  It's so great seeing what other quilters are up to in different parts of the world!

This pic is from Kismet Quilts in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  A great shop...I'll be posting more pics soon!!!

This past weekend, I attended a class on Orinuno Quilting, a truly fantastic form of patchwork from Japan, taught by Lisbet Borggren.  Here in Denmark, it's known as Japanese Folding Technique.

This form of reversible patchwork is very unique, in that the pattern is totally different on the back of the quilt than on the front.  It is also quilted before it is sewn together, so you have a finished project right away!  My style of quilt!!  

Lisbet provided us with a fantastic day of teaching, as well as a trunk-show consisting of several of her gorgeous creations.  Lisbet has learnt this technique from Sachiyo Muraki, a renowned Japanese quilter who has won numerous awards for her talents.

My project is an Ohio Star block with an interesting twist on the back-side!  I'll post a pic when it's all assembled!

I hope there's still a few readers/followers left here on my blog!  Three months is a long time to be away....I look forward to hearing from you all again!!!  

Mary Ann