Saturday, February 7, 2009

Funky Thread Basket!!

Here is a really cool little basket that you can make for your loose threads, etc! I found the idea on Leannes blog, The Stitching Room, where she's kindly posted a great tutorial and pics of her Thread Holder! It was easier than I expected it to be! The girls at my Quilt Guild meeting loved it and are also making some for themselves!

You start by cutting out a few WOF strips. Here, I've shown how
I sewed the 8 strips together. The strips are 7.5" X 2.5" , four of each contrasting colour.
Slip stitch the four sides and, voila, you have a lovely little basket for all those pesky threads!!!

It's also great for stashing candies, nuts, whatever!!! Thanks so much for sharing this tutorial, Leanne! I just love it!!!
Have a fantastic day everyone!

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Leanne said...

Once you have worked out one they are really easy. I love your colours.