Monday, February 1, 2010

UFO's and Farmer's Wives!!

Yay, another UFO completed!  This vest is done up in Alafoss Létt  Lopi yarn, a gift from a dear friend in Iceland!  The cold and snowy weather we've been having here in Denmark, has encouraged me to dig into my knitting bag for some warmth!!  (Believe me, there's a lot of WIP's in there!!)  Anyways, this yarn knits up really quickly and I thoroughly recommend it for it's coziness!

I just love my new vest!  
Thanks so much, Anna Margrét!

On the quilting front, I've been hand-piecing some blocks from the Farmer's Wife quilt-book, which I recently purchased online.  These 6-inch blocks seem gigantic in comparison to the smaller Jane Stickle cuties, but I'm getting used to piecing them!  My goal is to create this quilt using just scraps, both from my Dear Jane project and also from  generous quilting friends who always remember me when it comes to their unwanted fabric left-overs!  I am truly grateful for the donations! 

No scrap is too small for the 

Well, almost!! ;o)