Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Few Finishes!!!

Well, it's definitely November here in Denmark! Dark, dreary and damp! This is when I especially like sitting in our cozy living room, with a cup of tea and some lit candles! Lifts the spirits and warms the soul!! Here are a little pair of socks I made with some fun yarn that creates a pattern as you knit!

And what is this, you say?! A hat, maybe??? A fun toy for the grand-kids??!!

Nope, it's a tea-cozy for "moi"! In this dismal weather, you need all the COZY you can get your hands on!! I used some wonderful Debbie Bliss yarn here, a Baby Cashmerino that's to die for!!! The pattern is by Sandra Polley, whom I was recently introduced to by Caroline from the Knot Garden!! Thank you, Caroline!

And, I also managed to put together a few of these little pin cushions made with selvedge edges from some of the new Tilda fabrics I recently purchased. I'm making some Tilda Angels, as well, and will take a few pics of them when I'm done!

Have a great day, everyone!