Monday, February 21, 2011

Inge's Fantastic Shoe Quilt!!

Inge recently finished piecing her fabulous Shoe Quilt!  It's all appliqued by hand and the embellishments she's used are just so creative!  Inge is now enjoying the hand-quilting  process of her beautiful creation!  Way to go, Inge!
 Brings me way back to the seventies, those shoes do!!!

 I'm packing my own shoes right now (or should I say snow-boots?!), as I'm leaving for Canada this weekend for two weeks of cuddling with the grand-children!

This is Ari playing in the yard...yes, it's the top of the kid's swing-set you see here!!  Not sure if my boots are high enough!!!  Apparently, this is the most snow they've received in quite a few winters!!!!

Take care!

Mary Ann