Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bushfire Quilt Blocks!

Last week, my friend Else and I got together and worked on some Maverick Star blocks for the Australian Bushfire Quilt Project. We had lots of fun making these blocks and got quite a few finished. As all quilters know, scraps are the welcome by-products of our loving creations! To be able to find a good use for them, always makes me very happy!

Here is Else, admiring her lovely work!! Way to go, Else!! We were both so pleased to see how you can randomly sew small scraps together and create
a beautiful block like this!!! We are planning to have 25 blocks completed, sewn into a finished top to send to Australia!


Lynda said...

The star blocks are lovely Mary Ann and Else - they will make a beautiful quilt.

Leanne said...

What a lovely bright quilt they will make. It's nice to spend the afternoon sewing with a friend.

Anonymous said...

These Scrappy stars are so beautiful . . . and I just loved your comment Mary Ann
"scraps are the welcome by-products of our loving creations!" This is so very true and it´s also why I always buy a bit more then I need of wonderous fabrics . . ehehah . . I just love leftovers . .
Hilsen til Else!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Anna Margrét . . . sorry!

Elly D said...

Your scrappy stars are wonderful Mary Ann.