Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Been A While.....

.....since I've posted on my blog!  I was in Canada for almost three months and have just recently returned home to Denmark.  It's  been taking a while to get back to my daily routine, but things are gradually returning to normal!  I'm missing our little grandchildren very, very much, as well as all our family and friends, but we've already begun to make plans for an up-coming trip next year!

I visited a few quilt shops while in Canada, all in BC where I'm originally from, and will post a little "Shop Hop" for you all to check out!  It's so great seeing what other quilters are up to in different parts of the world!

This pic is from Kismet Quilts in Port Alberni, British Columbia.  A great shop...I'll be posting more pics soon!!!

This past weekend, I attended a class on Orinuno Quilting, a truly fantastic form of patchwork from Japan, taught by Lisbet Borggren.  Here in Denmark, it's known as Japanese Folding Technique.

This form of reversible patchwork is very unique, in that the pattern is totally different on the back of the quilt than on the front.  It is also quilted before it is sewn together, so you have a finished project right away!  My style of quilt!!  

Lisbet provided us with a fantastic day of teaching, as well as a trunk-show consisting of several of her gorgeous creations.  Lisbet has learnt this technique from Sachiyo Muraki, a renowned Japanese quilter who has won numerous awards for her talents.

My project is an Ohio Star block with an interesting twist on the back-side!  I'll post a pic when it's all assembled!

I hope there's still a few readers/followers left here on my blog!  Three months is a long time to be away....I look forward to hearing from you all again!!!  

Mary Ann 


Raewyn said...

Welcome back!! Here's one reader still out there!! Your quilt class sounds really interesting - I will look forward to seeing your version!

Paula said...

Hi Mary Ann - Welcome back. You have been missed. Can't wait to see you Ohio Star block.
This folding technique sounds interesting.


Terri said...

Mary Ann - I'm still here too! I'm very facinated by the Japanese Patchwork and would love to hear more about it. Can't wait to see your finished project.


Quiltnbee said...

Hi Mary Ann! Another "old" reader still here =-) So good to see you again. Your new profile pic is adorable! I love the looks of that Japanese quilt technique...can't wait to see yours.

Angela said...

It's good to hear from you again, Mary Ann! Can't wait to see more of your quilt! Sounds really interesting!

ranette said...

Mary Ann....we wouldn't leave you, I promise :) Welcome back!

I'm excited to see your block, how fun to learn a new technique.

Aunt 'Reen said...

Welcome Home Mary Ann!
Hopefully you will find your quilting groove again quickly!
I love the pictures you shared and that Japanese fold & quilt technique looks and sounds great.
Can't wait to see how your project unfolds!

Sheila said...

How nice to see you back , I can imagine how much you miss your grandchildren it is hard living so far away . The class looks so interesting and I look forward to seeing the finished project .

Botanical Amy said...

What book is shown in the image from this post (with the pattern you were using)?