Monday, April 2, 2007

My Dear Jane Journey

In November of 2004, I embarked upon a remarkable journey. I had first become interested in the Jane Stickle quilt in 2002, hoping that it would some day hold a place in my future. Thanks to Brenda Papadakis, the author of Dear Jane, my dream became a reality! Having just taken up the wonderful hobby of quilting, I came across a picture and article on The Quilt. I just knew that one day I had to test my skills and try to recreate this quilt on my own. I educated myself as much as I could about The Quilt, happily discovering Brenda's book containing the drafted patterns of all 169 blocks, 52 triangles and 4 corner kites! Since that day in 2004, I have completed 149 blocks and 16 triangles! Although my first blocks started out as machine-pieced creations, learning the art of appliqué and hand-piecing convinced me that a needle, thread and thimble could easily fulfill my stitching needs. Thus, most of my blocks are now hand-sewn. I have met countless quilters from all over the world through my journey and the bonds of friendship that have been created with these ladies is just so wonderful. Although my relationship with The Quilt is sometimes put on hold due to the challenges of life, I know that my Baby Jane will always be waiting for me to lovingly place my stitches in her beautiful cloth!

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