Saturday, July 24, 2010

Klosjes and Hexies for Grandma...

These are my Klosjes for this Saturday!  Just the spools, not yet ironed, a little frayed and worn, but resembling Klosjes, none the less!!!  Leaving rather quickly for Canada, I managed to grab a bag of stamped fabrics for the trip.  I made these sitting beside my Mom's bed, stitching while she slept.   In her waking hours, I showed her all of the pretty colours and she smiled when she saw them.

She especially liked the red and blue hexies I was working on! I put them in front of her on a pillow so she could look at them.  It was then I decided I would dedicate this project to her.  I'm going to call it "Grandma Helga's Flower Garden" in honour of my dear Mom, who loved growing all kinds of beautiful plants and flowers.

Little Seyja is growing quickly!  Here she is with brother, Ari! 

Ari and Axel both love their little sister!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, all!

Mary Ann


Quiltnbee said...

Beautiful! And the blocks are pretty, too! =-)

karenfae said...

the children are so sweet - what pride and joy they must be!

Valentina said...

Oh, Mary Ann, how precious. To have this tangible memory of the precious time spent with your mom. How amazing.
Grandma Helga's quilt will be a beauty and a family treasure.
Now those grandkids of yours...Oh My... all words would fall short! You are a blessed woman, Mary Ann!

Aunt 'Reen said...

Your grandchildren a so beautiful!
What a loving tribute that quilt will be to your Mother!

Karen said...

Lots of wonderful klosjes and beautiful flowers! And, yes, a lovely tribute to your Mom.

Angela said...

I love that your hexies are going to be put together as "Grandma Helga's Flower Garden"! What a nice tribute to your mom!
The grandchildren are beautiful! I'm glad you get to spend this time with them!

Barb (Diabetes Advocacy) said...

Still as incredibly talented as ever! I am sorry to have heard about your mother and glad you made it to spend time with her.
I am hoping to see Heather and her beautiful family when we are in BC next month.
Barb (Myrna's daughter)

Paula said...

Lucky you - your grandchildren are so beautiful and precious.
What a treasure your quilt will be, with lot of sentimental memories. Beautiful klosjes.

Anonymous said...

Those two are sweeties!

I love the idea of dedicating your quilt to your mother. It will be so special.

Beautiful klosjes, too!