Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snow in May and Magnolias....??

Is it true?  Have we really received a fresh layer of the white stuff here in the month of MAY??  Although our temperatures have certainly been cold enough for snow, this is fortunately just some lovely white petals from the cherry tree in our front garden! 

Beautiful, aren't they?

The weather has just been so dramatic.  I had to run out and capture this very unusual light the other evening.  The sun had suddenly appeared from behind the clouds, reflecting the most luscious colours on the sky and nearby fields.

Well, it looks like I've started on yet another creative past-time!  Painting Magnolias!  No, not the magnolias you're probably thinking about, but these cute little stamps that I recently purchased for making cards!  They are just darling and I've discovered  that I absolutely love sitting and painting!  Blending and layering the colours involves a creative process that's very satisfying! 

Here's the after shot!

And this is little Tilda, one of the characters from the Magnolia series.  Isn't she sweet??!!  If you're interested in these stamps, the place to find them is at Patchworkhuset, located in Glostrup.  I'm going to make a few projects from these figures, so keep posted and I'll show you soon!

Have a great weekend!

Mary Ann


Lynda said...

The cherry blossoms are beautiful and so are your paintings.

Quiltnbee said...

Yikes, snow in May! =-( The sky photo os very dramatic, indeed...

Valentina said...

Mary Ann, what an amazing picture... I am sure your heart was racing as you were taking it.. WOW.
And your stamps... what can I say? Your colouring is fantastic!!! Brings them to life.
I need to come back with a big pot of tea for a proper visit with you...Mary Ann, thank you for coming over and finding me: :) Did you realize we are fellow Canadians? How fun is that!

Angelwood said...

That's the kind of "white stuff" I want to see! :o) Welcome to the Magnolia group! I love the images you've colored. Beautiful job! TFS! hugs, Angela

Maureen said...

Awesome photoo Mary Ann! We had some turbulent weather this weekend as well... lots of thunder, lightning, rain and hail. I watched those clouds closely ;)

Your Tilda is just darling and a great job on the watering can too! Welcome to the addictive world of Maggies!

From a Canuck, still in Canuckland (Winnipeg).

cabio's craft corner said...

Love the flower petals. They look so romantic, lol
Your coloring is so beautiful on the images :o)

debi said...

Welcome to the group, Mary Ann! I joined about a month ago, and have made some awesome friends who are teaching me how to do all these new things in stamping. I love your coloring tones and like you, love the magnolia stamps! I also enjoy hand quilting, so I'll visit your blog often to see both your card and quilt photos! Oh...BTW, you can keep the white stuff! I like the waves and sights of the tropics! Heading "down-under" real soon! Best wishes, Debi

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Magnolia-lious. I must warn you Magnolia's and this group are an addiction you can't easily kick. LOL! It looks as though you are already addicted to Magnolias.
Your coloring is beautiful.
The cherry blossoms are gorgeous. When I had my first apt in Ohio, long ago...I had a cherry blossom right out my kitchen window where I could enjoy it when I was drinking my morning coffee. It is way too hot here in Alabama for those beautiful Cherry trees. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.
~Pam L.