Friday, May 14, 2010

Smile...You're On Candid Camera!!!

Our wonderful, feathered friends, the Blåmejse, (or cyanistes caeruleus) have once again chosen our nesting box to raise their family!  My husband set up a tiny webcam in the nesting box earlier this spring, so we could "peek" at them during their parenting period!  They don't seem to mind this intrusion of their personal space!  It's actually been quite fantastic to watch them, building their cozy nest, using feathers, hair, thread and all kinds ingenious building materials!   They're very talented and skilled workers! 

Today, we were amazed to see that there are now 12 tiny eggs in the nest!  They're also using many hours to rotate the eggs, making sure they receive even warmth.  Once they hatch, both parents will be delivering yummy and wriggling snacks for their off-spring!  The nest is conveniently located just outside our window, so we can easily keep track of  "our" birds' travels!   I'll post a video for you soon, as they're just so darn cute to watch!!


Mary Ann

Kylie Update...she's improving daily and I'm going to take her off the pain meds tomorrow.
Amazing how animals can recover so quickly! Not like humans at all!  I remember a six-week recovery period myself for a similiar operation!! Ouch!


Sue said...

How fabulous to be able to watch the arrival of this family of dear little birds. So glad Kylie is getting better too.

Minka's Studio said...

This is wonderful! The images are so clear! What an unusual way to look at a bird....the top of its head. They certainly are prolific!!!! Thank you for posting. I look forward to following the happenings of this nest. Great!

Janet said...

Happy to hear better news on Kylie, I hope she continues to improve. Can you imagine trying to feed 12 babies, all at once. Parent birds are going to be busy.

els lunenberg said...

O, Mary Ann, how lovely Those 'Blue Tits'. Last year we had them too, nesting in the garden.
It's so much fun to see those little birds being so busy.
They declined our nestcase this year.
Good to hear that Kyle is on the mend.
Have a fine weekend,
Hugs from Els.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your were able to capture such a close view of these beautiful creatures. What an incrediable thing to be able to watch.
~Pam L.