Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hooked on Crochet!!

I've been doing some crocheting these "hooked" by the great tutorials out there in blogland!! This vest is inspired by Garniture, a wonderful blog and shop in Copenhagen. Here, you can buy lots of luscious shades of yarn, as well as retro fabric, gift items and just plain neat stuff!! Anyways, I couldn't resist creating this little vest and it's now for sale in my Etsy shop! I'm making more, as well!
I can't seem to stop!!!

If you've noticed my new crochet hook, it's from Clover. Using one of these is comparable to jumping into a Porsche after driving a Beetle! (no offense to Beetles, of course!) Why haven't I discovered these great crochet hooks a long time ago??!
The rest of the sizes are on my Santa list!!! ;o)

Last but not least, here are some of my little stars and trees from the Grandmother Tutorials from Michelle of The Royal Sisters! I was put on the trail of this cool blog by Lucy from Attic 24, another colourful and inspirational crochetist! (is that a word??!!)

In the meantime, my quilting hoop and knitting needles have started growing a bit of moss, but I'll be back to rescue them shortly!!!

Have a great Saturday evening, everyone!!!


karenfae said...

cute! I use to do simple crochet - like those hooks! anything ergonomic I like :)

Quiltnbee said...

I love the vest, Mary Ann...especially the red one. I crochet also, in between the knitting...My quilting mojo has gone away...I'd rather sit in my chair and knit. I think JS took it out of me =-( I love the new look of your blog! Very nice! Oh, and those snowflakes and trees...I saw them over at Lucy's and The Royal blog, too and thought about making them...but I'm making gifts right now so I guess no trees this year...

Graciela Fumasoni said...


S said...

Hi there,
You are a creative woman!
Cute , those stars and trees.

Stephanie said...

Very sweet projects!!! I discovered an Addi crochet hook. Very nice hook. I, too, want more sizes (once I master crochet)

Anonymous said...

Good heavens is there anything you can't do. You take beautiful photos, you make cards, you quilt and now crochet! What am I going to find as I go back in your blog. You are definetly have crafters disease, as I like to call it. I love it all too! I have a million projects going on at once. There aren't enough hours in a day to do all the things I want to do. Then there is blog land...What is a girl to do?
~pam L.

savvy stitch said...

I LOVE that red sweater! So sweet!