Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dear Jane Bag in Bright Batiks!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Hope you've had a chance to do something special today!
I worked on a project which May Britt on
Abyquilt inspired me to! I saw a picture on her blog of a bag made from Jane Stickle blocks and immediately thought of my box of lonely Swap Blocks! A few years back, I participated in an online exchange of Bright Batiks on Black blocks done in Jane Stickle's lovely style! I had always wondered how I would incorporate these little lovelies into a project! When I saw the pictures May Britt had taken at their annual quilt show in Norway, I knew what the future held in store for these joyful blocks! Now, my friends won't ever lose me amongst the maze of quilters at a show, with a colourful bag like this!!!

I machine-pieced the blocks together and machine-quilted them afterwards.
It was a change from just using a needle and thread like I usually do!

Here, I'm using a neat little attachment on my Pfaff.
It's a "Stitch In The Ditch" foot which makes this task very easy!
Anyways, I really love fact, I just very well may be the "Queen of Gadgets"....!!!!!

And here is the back-side of my bag! I used all but one of my
Bright Batik Blocks... I think I just might see a pin-cushion in the works here!

Thanks for sharing your pictures, May Britt!
As usual, you're a wealth of inspiration!
Now, I have my new bag ready for our Dear Jane get-together tomorrow evening!
Mary Ann


Stina said...

That is a gorgeous bag...and a different way of using those blocks...:o)

Rosa Robichaud said...

Mary Ann!!! I LOVE your new bag!!!

Tks for sharing!


karenfae said...

I love it - I wouldn't have thought to do that. So many different ways we can do these blocks isn't there. I love the black and the bright colors and machine stitching together and machine quilting makes perfect sense for a bag. I just might have to do one one day.

Lynda said...

Such a beautiful bag Mary Ann and I love your stitch-in-the-ditch foot - could have used one of them yesterday.

Hanne said...

Lovely bag Mary Ann!
I have one in the making too :-)

May Britt said...

That is a wonderful bag. I guess you will bring it when you're going to Gøteborg.

Elly D said...

WOW! Mary Ann it looks fabulous!!I love it!! :-D hugs Elly

ranette said...

Very, very pretty bag....I love it and I think I may have to have one

Good job!

Terri said...

What a great way to use your blocks Mary Ann! I love your bag!

Melanie said...

The bag is stunning! Love, love, love it!


Robin said...

What a gorgeous bag! And how special and nifty that it is made from swap blocks. Such a neat way to show them off.

catherine baynes said...

WOW MaryAnn I really like that bag. I have been looking at the Dear Jane quilt for a long time - and keep saying to myself - too much time etc but this is a great achievable project. You have really inspired me. xo Catherine in Australia.

RVJan said...

Mary Ann, the bag is stunning, I love the colors. You did a great job using your blocks in a different way. Wish I had one too. Maybe someday......

Stephanie said...

What a terrific use of your blocks. I have a new sewing machine and I'm getting to know the gadgets and loving it. I think a pincushion would be awesome.