Saturday, January 24, 2009

Memories From Venice!

Holiday memories are always nice, especially when the weather is cold and
blustery and images of a sunny day and a Venetian café come to mind! In October, we drove to Italy and camped just outside the city, near Punto Sabbioni where the beaches were still sun-soaked and lovely! Each morning, we took the water-taxi directly to San Marco square and had a great time exploring Venice. During our adventures, we noticed the locals enjoying this very interesting-looking cocktail in the late afternoons. After a bit of investigative work, we discovered the name of this mystery drink is Spritz. The colour is very bright orange and the main ingredients are an appertif called Aperol and sparkling wine. It's apparently THE drink in Venice and, after a taste-test, we gave it a positive thumbs-up!!! Oh, I found some recipes for a few interesting Aperol cocktails here if anyone's interested??!!!

The architecture of this beautiful city is astounding. We couldn't get enough of it, so it was decided we'd come back to Venice as soon as possible! We definitely recommend visiting The City of Light.


Quiltnbee said...

I definitely want to go back...I wonder what the chances are of being there at the same time again...and actually meeting! =-) Can you even believe that happened??? I absolutely LOVE Venice and will be there again, yes indeed!! =-) Google "Venice Under Water" and see the pictures of the floods they had a few weeks ago, shortly after we all were there...incredible!

Anonymous said...

I can feel the warmth.
Lovely Venice, I really enjoyed it when I was there!
Greetings from a snowed in Sweden.
Greetings Johanna

karenfae said...

Mary Ann that drink does look good, glad you had a fun time in Venice.