Friday, January 23, 2009

BLC Goshen

BLC Goshen
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Well, I've finally finished all the blocks, tris and kites of my Dear Jane Civil War reproduction quilt! I started this project in November of 2004, so it seems like I've been working on it forever and ever!! It has given a wonderful sense of accomplishment, though, knowing that I now can hand-piece, appliqué and do many other things I would never have dreamt of doing five years ago! Er, like completing a quilt-top with 225 blocks in it???!!
I am currently piecing the borders and cutting the outer muslin sashings so that I can finally prepare this project for quilting. I'll be using Hobbs wool batting with a plain muslin backing. There will be scallops on the outer edges, completed by a narrow bias binding in an emerald shade.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Quiltnbee said...

Two words: WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! =-) Great job, MaryAnn!! =-)

lappenleintje said...

What a great job MaryAnn. Ans it's funny, you've finished your blocks, and I have just started this project, so I have a long way to go now. Seeing finished DJ's are a good inspiration!
Looking forwrd to see more of the blocks!
Greetings from Leintje from the Netherlands

Guðrún said...

CONGRATULATIONS... Are you going to quilt it yourself?