Monday, February 25, 2008

A Quiet Day...

Today was a very peaceful day for me. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, so I sat and quietly worked on some hand-piecing projects. A couple of friends and myself are doing an online swap of Valentine's Dear Jane blocks. You may be thinking, "Hey, Valentine's Day is over, so what is she talking about?!", but we had decided not to put a deadline on mailing our blocks! I love these kind of swaps best!!! Absolutely NO pressure!!!

Today, the sun was brightly shining and warmed our living room to a wonderful, cozy temperature. So, with sleeping dogs at my feet and a hot cup of tea within close reach , I snuggled up in my chair and created these two blocks. Justin's Comet and Hannah Lou's Hearts are two of my favorite Jane Stickle blocks! My love of appliqué and hand-piecing make these blocks a joy to sit and stitch!

We agreed on using a pink and red theme of Civil War reproduction fabrics, with shirtings for the backgrounds. I look very much forward to receiving Debby and Terri's blocks...the nice thing with swaps is that you're always pleasantly surprised with everyone's choice of fabric/colours! I'd like to make a little table-topper from these blocks to use for next year's Valentine's Day!

Last week, I found a wonderful, half-price Jinny Beyer print in just the exact colour I had been searching for! I plan on using this for the bias edge of my Jane Stickle quilt. It's perhaps a little different shade than here in the picture, but it is exactly the blue-green teal I had in mind! I hope it will be a good contrast against the muslin scallops! Many thanks to everyone on the Dear Jane list who wrote and answered my inquiries about how much fabric to purchase! I appreciate your help VERY much!! ;o)

Have a wonderful day doing what you love best!

Cheers...Mary Ann


Country Log Cabin said...

I love your blocks. I am seriously thinking about starting the Dear Jane quilt some time in the future. I plan to purchase the new edition of the book when it comes out this spring. I heard Brenda Papadakis speak in Fort Worth TX a couple weeks ago and the quilt is amazing!

Mary Ann said...

Hi Country Log Cabin! Thanks for your nice words! I spent this weekend sewing two of my borders together on my DJ quilt...I'm almost done piecing it! You'll love doing this's been an experience I'll never forget! I should also get an edition of Brenda's new book...mine is pretty worn-out after four years of use!! LOL! Cheers! Mary Ann

Darlene said...

Mary Ann........ WOW!!! what an absolutely wonderfully inspiring blog... The Dear Jane blocks... - you're a talented piecer (if that is such a word...hehe). It's great to have days that are filled creativiy & inspiration!

I look forward to stopping by more frequently.

ps: as you know, I'm from Australia & the Vegemite - it's an aquired taste... me... I hate the stuff...LOL!! I'm a peanut butter gal!!! It goes down well with milk also or a hot cuppa tea.


Knot Garden said...

Those blocks are so pretty. I love pink and red in combination. It will be a really pretty table topper.

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hi Mary Ann:

Just LOVE that pink lemoyne star block! It's so yummy...and those pink tulips! I couldn't see the last picture because that map is over top of it and I can't move it might be my old computer that does this.

Jacqui in Canada

Elly D said...

Hi there Mary Ann, The beautiful pictures in your blog made me go out and buy some tulips!!! Those in the picture are gorgeous. But I love all your pictures.
Also the fabric bunnies... so cute:D thank you for sharing,
Hugs Elly

Ribbonwiz said...

I have been doing my DJ for a year .
Your blocks are lovely, it's a lot of work but i love doing them.
Julia Australia