Monday, February 18, 2008

Jelly Rolls!!!!

Oh, aren't they yummy-looking??!!! I just received these Jelly Rolls from Three Sisters for Moda in the Shangri-La pattern after ordering them a few weeks ago. I plan on sewing Natalie Lymer's Truly Scrumptious quilt from Cinderberry Stitches....after I get some other projects under control!! I don't know if this will be possible, as my will-power is very low when it comes to Moda fabric!!!!

I am quite excited about this project and am so happy that I was able to acquire the same fabrics as Natalie used in her Truly Scrumptious quilt. It's such a happy quilt!! It consists of 9 BOMs and a 10th pattern to assemble the quilt, all of which were purchased from Darlene Carroll at Bee Sew Whimsical. Sooooo....I guess I'm ready to "roll"!!

I've finally finished my Dad's flannel snuggler and he's looking forward to it arriving! It's been a long and cold winter in Canada and it'll hopefully keep him warm and cozy until the spring weather arrives. I know that Kiki, the quilt inspector, will sorely miss it around the house, but I've actually thought of making her a little "snuggler" of her own out of the scraps!!!


Kim West said...

I just love jelly rolls! - the Shangra La set is just lovely. Your dad's quilt is nice too!

ranette said...

You will love making the Truly Scrumptious quilt with the Shangra La fabrics. I'm on my 4th block and the are so fun!