Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Things Are Hard To Live Without!

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would one day suffer terrible cravings for Campbell's soup, well, I think I would have laughed out loud!!! Well, the other day, I happily discovered some tins of Cream of Mushroom soup in a local shop which regularly imports "goodies" from across the pond!! Needless to say, I stocked up!! Now if they only would find some Kraft dinner, too!!! And graham wafer biscuits....2 lb jars of Peanut Butter...Red Rose tea...Baker's semi-sweet chocolate...oh, the list goes on and on!! Thank goodness I make yearly trips back home!!!

Last evening, we had a little dinner get-together with a few ladies from our guild. Here are the quilt-inspectors at work!! This is the quilt that I'm making for my Dad. I'm aproximately half-way done with the quilting. It's been tough working through all that flannel and cotton batting, but I'm getting there!! Left to right: Else, Solveig, myself and Inger. We had a great evening!


Quiltnbee said...

Mary Ann! I drink Red Rose, too, and my local grocery stopped carrying it! I have to go to another store just for that one item now...I bought two boxs at my son's when I was visiting him this last weekend...I just can't stand Lipton's...You know, I used to have to have my cousin send it to me from NY cuz we didn't have it here at all...Wow, interesting to read the labels on that soup! I'd have to go by the picture or I'd never get the right kind! What is your fave? I do like the tomato with a grilled cheese sandwich! Kraft mac and cheese is dd's fave =-)

Wendy said...

That's hilarious...we always crave what we can't have...LOL. If you like black tea I would recommend Twinnings English Breakfast Tea far better than Red Rose.

Your Dad's quilt is coming along nicely. I love the sewing tin you made. Would you share how you did that?