Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some Finishes For Today...

This is a little "Altoid" candy tin which I've covered in fabric. I got the idea from Val on the Dear Jane list. Many thanks for the inspiration, Val! I picked up a few of these tins on my last trip home to Canada! I think I may to find some more, as they would make nice little gifties!!!

I sewed this little pin-cushion a while back from a pattern from designer, Heather Bailey. I had originally filled it with sand, but wasn't 100% happy with the results, so today I replaced the sand with fibrefill! Much better!!!

Note the little antique "fly"hat pin! I found it at an outdoor flea-market last summer. A bit macabre, but nonetheless, extremely original!

Last, but not least, tulips from my dear husband who continues to brighten my life, especially during these dark, December days! xoxoxo


log cabin quilter said...

I've always wanted to make use of the Altoid tins. I was saving them for a while, but now I just throw them away. I think I'll start saving them again. Can you direct me to the blog you referred to where you got the idea? I might need some directions.

Christel said...

This pin-cushion is marvellous!! Do i use your very good idea for a friend of mine please? kisses Christel

Christel said...

Thank you very much , i've enjoyed doing it twice , thank you for the link too, i haven't seen it before, but now i can give it to my friends. Kisses