Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, it's been a while since I've posted...time sure flies!  Seems like just last week it was Christmas!  Then came New Year's Eve and our much-awaited holiday to Malta!  We spent a wonderful week enjoying the sun and exploring this beautiful island!  Rich in culture and history, Malta was an experience that we'll never forget!!  Pictures will follow, I promise!!!!  

After we got back, it was time to get some work done!!!  A while back, we removed all of the carpets in the living-room and dining rooms, all three layers of them!  Under the carpets, we discovered these wonderful old planks.  Built in 1930, our old farm-house has seen lots of changes, but the old floors were thankfully still intact and just needed a good refinishing.   So we rented a floor-sander....well, actually, two of them!!!! 

 We sanded three times with varying grades of sand-paper, finally ending up with a smooth finish.  The planks were quite warped, from over 80 years of wear and tear!  This process took the better part of a whole day!

 Next, we applied the "lud", or lye soap that they use extensively here in Scandinavia.  It is a natural product and gives the wood a nice, light nuance, instead of the rather dark shade that varathane eventually turns into.

 After the "lud", or lye soap, has dried for five hours, a layer  of white pigment protective oil is applied with a scouring brush.  This oil is derived from plants and is non-toxic.  After aproximately 15 minutes, it can be removed with a soft cloth, polishing the planks in the direction of the grain.   After 7 days, the floor should be fully dry and hardened and you're left with a gorgeous finish that repels water and dirt.  Maintenance consists of washing with a special soap, made  by the manufacturer, Faxe.

Now, on to painting the moldings and window sills!  Oh, and maybe I should sew some new curtains....!!!

Sigh......being a home-owner is a never-ending job!!!

All the best!

Mary Ann


Quiltnbee said...

Oh my...that looks like so much work! But I bet they are amazing now that they are done =-) You will have to post pictures when everything is back in the rooms... We are contemplating wood floors...I can't believe it, I swore never again...but at the time I had young kids...they do look so nice...

Lynda said...

What a beautiful floor. I love our floorboards - so much easier to keep clean than carpet.

Stina said...

Just perfect... Love your new floor... Just what I want in my livingroom and kitchen...:0)

Rosnah Idris said...

It's an interesting blog . I really like it . Welcome to Malaysia . Tq .

Mia Crespo said...

Hello, I wonder how it looks now? Would you show us the finished result? Thanks lot!!
I will link to your post from my blog if it's alright with you. I find the technique very interesting and useful!

Mia Crespo said...

Forgot to give you the address of my blog:, in case you want to check before you say yes :-)