Friday, April 16, 2010

On The Rocks!

This picture was taken on the penninsula, Kullen, in Sweden a few years ago.  I just love all of the rocks!  I dedicate this shot to my Icelandic friend, Anna Margrét, who is a rock fanatic!  With the volcanic eruptions going on in Iceland right now, I am thinking of her often, hoping that all is well with her and her family.  Take care, Anna Margrét!


Quiltnbee said...

Oh!! I love rocks too! =-) This volcano eruption is just something else, isn't it? I hope your friend is fine and that you are not getting too much of the ash...I've been talking to DD in northern Scotland and so far she hasn't noticed anything...thank goodness...she's up there pretty far...=-(

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear friend! this brought tears to my eye´s . . so nice of you and so like you . . . sniff . . and thank you to Kim too. We´ll be fine. This is one thing this nation knows how to handle. Geobuffs all of us but hopefully property damage will be minimal and all people and animals safe from the fumes and ash.
Best of spring days to you dear friends in your garden
Anna Margrét

Paula said...

Beautiful picture of the rocks, I do like it. I also love rocks, specially rocks near the sea