Friday, March 27, 2009

Recent Squishies!!!

March brought lots of goodies in the mail
pour moi! Here's a couple of great books by
Liz Lois. Nearly Insane is from Elaine on the Dear Jane list. I put out an online request to purchase a used copy of this challenging book, and Elaine came through for me!! Many thanks, Elaine! Just Plain Nuts also arrived at my door, a sweet surprise from my friend Karen! This is the newest book by Liz Lois, with even more challenging blocks to hand-piece! Thanks, Karen, for your kind gift!
Don't you just love the names of these books???!!!!

Also, I was the very lucky winner of a draw for Melly and Me's new pattern, EMOtional Anna and SeBATstian!!! Now how cute is this pattern??!!! I absolutely love it!!!
A huge thanks to Melly and Rosie for picking my name!!!! I look very much forward to sewing up this cute pair!!! Oh, there's a new book in the works by Melly and Me...the sneak previews have been wonderful!!!

In the beginning of March, I received a pattern for a Cupcake Pincushion by Sandi Henderson of Portabello Pixie! I found the pattern a bit tricky, with lots of curved piecing, but as it was just my first try, I'm hoping that I'll get a bit better with practice!! ;o) If anyone has sewn this little pincushion and has some good tips for me, I'd love to hear from you!! Oh, the fabric is from Heather Bailey's Fresh Cut series.
Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


Stina said...

Oh...lucky you... will be fun to see your little couple...:o)
Love that pincushion...but havent any tips at all to you... will check the pattern out...loved it.. so cute..:o)

karenfae said...

Mary Ann let me know if you ever decide to make Just Plain Nuts and I might have to do it the same time as you do! we can have a little support group going as we go nuts! Truthfully I have both of the books now and just haven't a clue when I will start to make them.

Lynda said...

Far out Mary Ann - those quilts look sensational - haven't seen those books here. Melly & Me come up with gorgeous designs - I'm going to a class with those girls plus Leanne Beasley and Janelle Wind in April - can't wait.

Elly D said...

Mary Ann your pincushion looks adorable, just love the fabrics too. Are you going to make those Nearly Insane and Just Plain Nuts? If so I look forward to watching your progress. How is your DJ coming along? Hugs you have an award to collect on my blog :-D

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi Mary Ann!

S'me, here, in Canada.... *grin*

Writing to congratulate you on your new "Award".... *grinning from ear to ear*

Go check out my blog....


Carina said... that pincushion.
and melly & me patterns soo cute