Thursday, August 30, 2007

Canada Vacation!

On July 18th, we left for a three-week vacation in Canada. We had a wonderful time visiting family and friends and even had the opportunity to do a little bit of camping, as well! This photo is from Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park. Breath-taking.

We had our grandson, Axel, with us for most of our holiday, which was just fantastic! We don't get to see him that much, living on different continents, but the time we had together was so special. He is such a wonderful little fellow!

The photo of my husband, Kim, and Axel is from Mt. Revelstoke National Park. We were on a little day hike with Axel in the back-pack! He absolutely loved it!!! .

We timed it right, as the wild flowers were just starting to bloom. At such high elevations, they unfortunately only last for a week or two.

This little antique frame and doily were waiting in the mail-box upon our return home. They're from my friend, Debby, and I immediately thought of putting this picture in it. It's my Mom and her sister (my Mom on the right) on the day of my Aunt's wedding, probably circa 1945. I think the era fits the frame perfectly! Thanks so much, Debby! I just love them! :o)
I'm keeping busy these days with hand-piecing my Dear Jane triangles. I have 28 made so far, so only 24 to go, plus the four corners! Then I can start to hand-quilt! Yay!!

I'll be posting more pictures later...just wanted to check in and update my Blog!!! People have been asking for "new material"!!!
Until then, greetings from wonderful, wet and windy Denmark!
Cheers! Mary Ann

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Beautiful pictures =-) You're welcome!! =-)