Sunday, May 20, 2007

With A Little Help From My Friends...!

It's nice to be back sewing and quilting in full-force! I had gone through a period where my desire to create had been somewhat lacking. Quite unlike myself, I might add! Several months had passed since I'd constructed one of these little Jane Stickle blocks and I was feeling a tad guilty! One of my dear friends, knowing I was in a slump, offered to sew a block for me. Well, that seemed to be the inspiration I needed! If she wanted to sew a block for me, then I would certainly want to do something nice for her in return!! Hmmm!! What about sewing HER a block??!! What are friends for, if not to give that little push that we all need once in a while??!!

Here is a picture of the "working stage" of M13, Lynette's Diamond! I began by hand-piecing the four muslin back-ground pieces together, while at the same time, setting in the centre square of green. Then, I appliquéd the four green quarter circles onto the muslin piece, trimming away the extra fabric after completing the stitching. I really enjoyed making this block, even though it's the second time around for me! I actually think that this M13 turned out nicer than my first attempt! :o) Isn't that always the way it goes???!! Thanks for your help, Lee Ann! You don't know how much I appreciate it!! ;o)