Monday, January 20, 2014


Happy New Year! It's hard to believe it's been over two years since I've written here! Life happens, I guess! The transition to an iPad instead of the old lap-top, has also been a deterrent to blog-writing. I find that integrating Blogger with a tablet, is not the easiest task! Hopefully, after newer updates and technology, things will become a bit more user-friendly! Time will tell!

Here are a couple of Mug Rugs that I've recently sewn for overseas swaps. Great fun!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Naestved Quilter's Exhibition!

I recently attended a fantastic Quilt Show in Næstved, Denmark!

I was very impressed with not only the wonderful hand-work, but also the warmth and hospitality of these lovely ladies!


         More pictures from the show can be viewed here!
 Thanks to Næstved Quilters for hosting a great show!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friendship Coasters!!

Hi there! I just wanted to share a cute idea for some sweet Friendship Coasters that are really easy and quick to make!

I've made a a tutorial for you so you can whip some up this weekend!!! Have a blast!! I sure did!!! 

All the best!

Mary Ann

Edited to say:  I went and checked the seemed to have a problem which I now hope I've remedied!!  Thanks for your interest, everyone!!!  Have a great day!!  MA

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sweet Memories...

A year has now passed since my dear Mom left this world.  Although I miss her so very much, the sweet memories are plentiful and comforting.  Thanks for everything, Mom.  
I'll love you forever and ever.

Friday, July 1, 2011

A Sneak Preview!!!

 Hello there!  This is a sneak preview of a little dress I've made for our grand-daughter, Seyja!  She will celebrate her first birthday in a few weeks, and Mormor wanted to make her something special!  Her big brother, Ari, turns three just after her birthday, so there'll be lots of partying at their house!

Well, quite a while since I've posted here on my blog!   One of my dear quilting friends has been so kind as to remind me (frequently!) about the lack of new information here, so Elna, this one's for you!!  ;o)

This is a little fabric bowl in the works from a pattern I recently purchased from Färg & Form in Malmø, Sweden.  Designed by Namie Hosogai-Åsenlund, the bowl is made from 2 x 8 tumbler blocks, sewn to a centre octagon (2).  I ironed the pieces onto Veladon (a sturdy form of interfacing), basted the seam allowances over to the wrong side and then hand-sewed the pieces together.  I will glue the outside and inside forms together (thus the clothespins!) to avoid seeing the stitches on the upper edge.  A great little bowl to serve candy in or other goodies on the patio!  A good idea may be to spray some Scotchgard or other fabric protector on before using.

Our garden has been doing wonderfully!  The flowers are blooming and the veggies are thriving!  This is such a lovely time of the year!  When a lot of folks travel south to Greece, Turkey or other warm destinations, we love staying at home, enjoying our country surroundings and the peacefulness of living close to forest, field and fjord!

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!  
I know that we sure are!  Talk to you soon!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Inger's Double Place Mats!

photo by *Mormor*

Here are some lovely double place-mats made by Inger O. J. of our quilt guild!  Lots of talented quilters in our group, so I thought I would preview some of their work here on my blog for you to enjoy!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Inge's Fantastic Shoe Quilt!!

Inge recently finished piecing her fabulous Shoe Quilt!  It's all appliqued by hand and the embellishments she's used are just so creative!  Inge is now enjoying the hand-quilting  process of her beautiful creation!  Way to go, Inge!
 Brings me way back to the seventies, those shoes do!!!

 I'm packing my own shoes right now (or should I say snow-boots?!), as I'm leaving for Canada this weekend for two weeks of cuddling with the grand-children!

This is Ari playing in the yard...yes, it's the top of the kid's swing-set you see here!!  Not sure if my boots are high enough!!!  Apparently, this is the most snow they've received in quite a few winters!!!!

Take care!

Mary Ann

Monday, January 31, 2011


Well, it's been a while since I've posted...time sure flies!  Seems like just last week it was Christmas!  Then came New Year's Eve and our much-awaited holiday to Malta!  We spent a wonderful week enjoying the sun and exploring this beautiful island!  Rich in culture and history, Malta was an experience that we'll never forget!!  Pictures will follow, I promise!!!!  

After we got back, it was time to get some work done!!!  A while back, we removed all of the carpets in the living-room and dining rooms, all three layers of them!  Under the carpets, we discovered these wonderful old planks.  Built in 1930, our old farm-house has seen lots of changes, but the old floors were thankfully still intact and just needed a good refinishing.   So we rented a floor-sander....well, actually, two of them!!!! 

 We sanded three times with varying grades of sand-paper, finally ending up with a smooth finish.  The planks were quite warped, from over 80 years of wear and tear!  This process took the better part of a whole day!

 Next, we applied the "lud", or lye soap that they use extensively here in Scandinavia.  It is a natural product and gives the wood a nice, light nuance, instead of the rather dark shade that varathane eventually turns into.

 After the "lud", or lye soap, has dried for five hours, a layer  of white pigment protective oil is applied with a scouring brush.  This oil is derived from plants and is non-toxic.  After aproximately 15 minutes, it can be removed with a soft cloth, polishing the planks in the direction of the grain.   After 7 days, the floor should be fully dry and hardened and you're left with a gorgeous finish that repels water and dirt.  Maintenance consists of washing with a special soap, made  by the manufacturer, Faxe.

Now, on to painting the moldings and window sills!  Oh, and maybe I should sew some new curtains....!!!

Sigh......being a home-owner is a never-ending job!!!

All the best!

Mary Ann